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How to Keep Your TV From Falling Over

Two people installing tv mount

There’s nothing like putting your feet up and decompressing by watching your favorite show after a long day. Deep into your latest TV binge, you probably aren’t thinking of what could happen if your TV fell over.

But if you have small children or pets running and playing around your house, an unstable TV could cause some serious injury.

Why should I be worried about my TV falling over?

Today’s flatscreens aren’t nearly as bulky as the old “dinosaur” TVs many of us grew up with, but that doesn’t mean they’re not heavy. The average 70-inch flatscreen weighs between 60-70 pounds and is a lot wider and more unstable. While you wouldn’t think your TV is a danger, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s most recent product instability report showed an estimated average of 25,500 injuries a year occur from TV or furniture-related incidents.

According to Consumer Reports, the biggest danger is if your TV is sitting on a dresser, where if a drawer sticks or is pulled too hard, the TV could topple down. Even if your TV isn’t situated on a dresser, unstable TVs can still be a safety threat.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep your TV from falling:

  1. Mount your TV to the wall. TV mounts are accessible online or at most large retailers. After purchasing one that is specific to your TV’s size, be sure to carefully follow the instructions provided and ask a family member or friend to assist you. Better yet, hire a contractor to install it for you to avoid accidents or injuries.
  2. Keep your TV low. If your TV is unmountable (and heavy), place it as low to the ground as possible and strap it. This still poses some danger so consider purchasing special TV straps to secure your TV to the table to increase safety. That way, it won’t be as easy for a child to pull the TV forward by mistake.
  3. Hide cables from children. Exposed cables pose a great danger to children due to their ease of access (and children’s innocent curiosity). If you are unable to wire your cables through the wall, consider purchasing a cable concealer kit or covering them in another safe way.

If you’re considering adding a TV to your outdoor oasis, consider these additional safety tips for outdoor TVs.

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